Here are my observations on which MF camera to buy and enjoy: I've owned (and still use) many of the cameras mentioned--Hasselblad, C330, Mamiya 645, and Mamiya RB. If you enjoy precision focus, especially for macro work, the rack and pinion focus of the RB and C330 make close focusing or even portrait shooting very easy and very accurate. I first became aware of this when using my new Hasselblad versus focusing with my RB and twin lens C330. The 'Blad and even my Mamiya 645's didn't seem to focus with the same level of accuracy as the two bellow focusing Mamiya's. Admittedly, except for the 645's, I'm using the wast level finder on these cameras. For me, my main reason for using MF (aside from picture quality) is the waist level ground glass viewing and focusing. This change in perspective vs eye-level prism makes (for me) all the difference in the world in terms of composition and subject placement. The OP might have a different take on this, but I'm just passing on my observations.