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I hate dedicated camera bags with all their redundant foam padding and inflated pricing. I just use
(and am currently packing) a high-quality wheeled cordura carry-on with accessory straps. The 4x5
and holders each go into appropriate polyethylene boxes, along with lenses, filter, meter, etc. There
is plenty of room for my Gitzo carbon fiber tripod and a changing tent if necessary. The smaller outer
pouch can be quickly zippered off and back on for X-ray, and contains things like eyeglasses, a book
for the flight, rain parka or sweater etc. If I'm going to do any serious hiking I'd prefer a real backpack
sent thru normal luggage, and would simply transfer things into it.
With that camera, there is no redundant foam padding. It's as old as yer grandma and twice as pretty.

I would be looking for a deep Tamrac or the like backpack with well padded separators.I have a Tamrac Cyberpack 6, perfect for my Deardorff V8 but probably the wrong shape for your Super D. It holds the camera, three holders, an extra lens, dark cloth, and meter.

tim in san jose