Asked many times, answered many times... "That one".

Anyhow, I had a C220 for many years, loved it. 65 and 105mm lens. Got a rb67. Took awhile to get use to it. wide angle lens and a centerpost grip. Wow. New way of seeing! Eventually stopped using the C220. Gave it to a friend. Hope it serves her well. Flushed out the lens set on the rb. Nothing you can't take with it. Have a couple extension tubes, both pop up finder as well as prism. It's essentially a LF camera with a little technology behind it.

Got the daughter a M645. Cool camera. Easy to shoot. Spent 6 months playing with it. Just couldn't give up the real estate of the rb67.

What do I shoot now? Deardorff 8x10.

Moral of the story... you will find your own place in the photo world. Just don't go jumping into the most expensive gear you find. You can't tell the diff between a 6x6 Hassey and a 6x7 Mamiya cropped the same. And one costs a hellava lot less.

tim in san jose