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It's a difference of philosophy, or maybe sloppyosophy. You have machine-gunners who will take sixty
shots a minute and still never bag anything worth cooking, and you've got snipers who can down a duck
with a single round.
This is certainly an interesting post, as most of these are, but the real answer is not as simple as yes or no, it is based on the situation you are in.

Put the machine gunner on top of a hill several clicks from his target and he is lost where the sniper is right at home.

On the flip side, place that same machine gunner on a street in Baghdad during the Gulf Conflict (War) and he is right at home while the sniper is probably dead within 5 minutes.

I seriously doubt that HCB or Capa spent a lot of their time metering. On the flip side St. Ansel most certainly did (except maybe for "Moonrise Hernandez", and maybe a few more but who's really counting.)

Everyone has their own personal guidelines they are most comfortable with. In my mind developing your eye by guessing exposure settings to match your lighting is a valuable skill to practice.

So..sometimes I do...and sometimes I don't.