I just bought an Olympus 35 RD and it seems to be a great camera.
I've noticed a little issue with mine though, and it's merely an annoyance.

The little match needle in the viewfinder seems to be off by one stop. When it should be indicating underexposure, it's in the f/1.7 zone. When it is f/2.8, it shows f/4. It does not seem to affect the actual aperture, just the display. I say this because when I set the camera to manual mode and f/4, the stick moves to roughly f/5.6.

Is there an easy way to calibrate this? I just want to move that stick over a bit.

I'm using a Zinc Air 675 hearing aid battery, which supplies 0.05 extra volts (1.4V vs, 1.35V spec in the PX625). Surely that couldn't be it?