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Thanks a lot, Mark. To be honest, the "Progress on XTOL-concentrate"-thread makes me dizzy and I appreciate your simple PC-Sulfite formula.

I like simple formulas for a one-shot devloper that I can mix myself. P, C, and S are easily available, many other agents aren't like metaborate and borax or TEA, that are very resticted to buy for private persons where I live. BTW, I have the same P as you with CAS-# 92-43-3. I will try your PCS recipe, if I shouldn't be satisfied I still have my Caffenols I will report.
Reinhold, I have learned more in the year since I discovered PC-Sulfite. If you decide to mix it, I suggest reducing the Phenidone to 0.10 g/litre. If you try it, could you post a response to that "PC-Sulfite" thread?

Good luck,