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Thanks folks. Some good ideas, but it looks like Rodinal is getting the most votes. I also like the ideas that it's one-shot and will stand being warm in a half full bottle.
Thanks a lot to Eric Rose. We'll be in Calgary for a couple of days, staying with my wife's brother, and I'll give you a call. By that time, I'll probably be sick of bathrooms.
I'm thinking to take a separate box, like maybe a cheap plastic toolbox, and put in a bottle of something like Rodinal, concentrated liquid fix, wash aid, stop bath, photo-flo, the tank and reels, thermometer and a few plastic bottles to hold working solutions while they're being used. Everything will be in factory labelled bottles. If it's a night to develop, I'll just grab the whole thing and haul it into the room and go to work. The next morning, the dried negs can be cut and stored in sheets.
Is this kind of what you did Patrick R James?
Yes. Sometimes I have used a hair dryer since I was leaving early in the morning and didn't want to wait for the negs to dry. Don't forget to take some string and some clips of some sort to hang your film. If you don't want to cut the film right away you can store it safely in an empty bulk roll tin. In fact since you are traveling light that might be the best way to go so the negs don't get damaged. Sleeve them when you get back home.

The only chemicals you need are developer, TF-4 fix and Edwal LFN. Skip the stop bath and wash aid (if you use TF-4). Keep life simple.