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HI Matt:

I often thought that B&H had some special status with Kodak ( and perhaps Ilford as well ) because B&H prices were usually somewhat less than the same film sold elsewhere.
B&H and Freestyle both buy a LOT of film, so they both have a special bulk purchase status with a lot of companies, not sure if theirs is better than Freestyle but I think they probably have more storage capacity for film than freestyle might. So they might buy in larger quantities at one time which often gives any company a discount per purchase even on the wholesale side. I recognize this isn't something that my local lab can do, but my local lab claims THEIR purchase price for Ilford PanF+ wholesale is $6/ roll of 120, when it's cheaper than that retail at B&H at around $5/roll so how can I buy it from my local place at $8-$9/roll? I honestly don't believe my local photo shop when they say that, I wonder how much Simon would be willing to disclose about that here... Probably nothing... I would buy from my local place if the ilford wasn't extremely more expensive than B&H.


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