Okay, here's the issue - I found a very dirty but functioning Nikon F with a Photomic finder in a thrift shop - US$98.

Now, I didn't get it right then, but as I had never handled one, I did some research.

Thanks to the mir.com site, I am now having a serious bout of GAS for the Nikon F!

This led me to trolling the bay, Keh, etc.

Now, for background, I already have a Canon F-1N, a Bessa R3M, a Kiev IIa, a few Mamiya C-TLRs as well as a new Fuji GF670.

I really, really liked the build quality of the Nikon F I handled.

What I need from all of you is your advice on which version of the F to get as well as the best finder for a pairing and a general idea of how much I should pay for one in good cosmetic and functional condition.