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That is 6, 16x20s? What is the tank capacity.

My thought is that the blix is becoming exhausted and the pH is going up due to carryover of developer (unless you use a stop bath). With the pH rise, there is a chance of continued development and perhaps some silver or silver halide retention.

Just a WAG based on what you see and without any knowledge of tank capacity of your system.

Hi PE,
Yea 6 16x's went through, very close to the suggested square inches per volumne before replen.
All tanks are 2 liters, with squeege rollers between. 95 degrees/45 secs per step.
A 32ml. of Acetic Acid for 2 liters of H2O as stop.
Using the same replen rate for the DEV and BLX/FIX.
My rig doesn't have inline filters, so I print up to chem limits, within time-in-tanks limit, then either replen or dump/replace,
depending on which comes first.
The DEV time limit is 1 week, but the BLX time limit is 2 weeks.
At this point the DEV time has expired, but the BLX/FIX still has another week.
Deviations have always happened like this in the past, but I never really tried to understand why.