I just developed a roll of Fomapan 200 (120) from a recent purchase.

Although it came from a Fomapan box, the edge markings say Ultra 200 0107. Batch number on the box is 0107561, expiry 5/2015. I am presuming this was intended to be Arista.EDU for the US market but was reboxed for whatever reason.

Looking closely at the negatives I notice a pale line each side of the roll extending the full length of the roll. This does not form part of the normal rebate.

Haven't seen this with other rolls of other film types I have used (Ilford HP5, Shanghai GP3) in the same camera, however, and this is the first roll of Foma 200 in 120 I've ever used.

It was shot in a Fuji GS645S with a red 25A filter, underexposed by a stop or two because I didn't allow enough for the filter factor.
Developed in CaffenolCH(rs) for 15M@20C, 30 seconds initial inversions then 3x inversions at 60s intervals.
Water stop, then Ilford Rapid Fix (1+4) 4mins, and Ilford wash regime.

I have included a link to a photograph of the negative (on Flickr)to illustrate the issue.

Note that the lines are slightly inboard of the mask, and it is visible evenly along the entire length of the roll. I have slightly boosted contrast so that it's clear in the photograph, but it is easily visible to the naked eye. The example shows an "accidental" frame that happens to illustrate the issue clearly

I have tried refixing (just in case) but the wet negatives look identical. I'll inspect more closely when they are dry.

I know that Foma had QC issues with 120 film in the past, but there haven't been any recent reports that I have seen

Obviously I will be running further rolls of this batch through different cameras to identify if there might be a problem that has only just surfaced with the Fuji, but are there any comments folk might make in the meantime ?