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it has been interesting to see what people use ...

i held off as long as possible before i posted what i use to process the goods ...

once in a blue moon and for paid work i use ansco130 either 1:6 - 1:10 in a tray for sheets, shuffled for about 8.5 mins, or roll film

i process everything b/w whatever format, whatever asa all together ( even color if i shoot it )
stand developed for 25-30mins in sumatranol 130 ... its a strange brew of caffenol c ( home roasted coffee, not instant ) and about 1oz of ansco 130 / 1L
( i don't add the 130 every time, just when i originally mix the batch, which lasts for months without replenishment )
Yea yea you probably use Walmart for everything and buy a coffee while there and pretend its stand developing...


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