I just tested a roll of Rollei Retro 80S (120 roll film) developed in Rollei RLS developer and the negatives came out completely clear.

iso 25
RLS (1:4)
9.5 minutes at 24C
5 inversions every 30 seconds.

The developer was brand new recently purchased from B&H.

The film is totally clear (slightly baby blue), no numbers or arrows, clear around the leader tape, I doubt camera exposure was a problem.
Unlikely the tank was contaminated - I rinse with permawash and very fussy about keeping everything clean, separate locations for developer/fixer, etc.
The developer has a strong smell of ammonia - is this normal ? I opened another bottle (they came as a 4 pack of 250ml) - same smell.
The developer has a slight yellow tinge (I mixed it 1:4), and came out VERY yellow AFTER development.

Could the developer be dead on arrival ?

Any ideas ?