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So of course, getting a great deal isn't enough for me. Now I'm scouring ebay looking for lenses and all sorts of other goodies...
I find that to be perfectly acceptable and expected behavior! It's really a joy to think about the age of an "antique" camera, wonder what sort of things have been seen through its viewfinder, how many thousands of images it may have made... and still be using it vs. having another knick-knack on display. (I am the same way about old guitars... two very dangerous interests to have!)

Isn't it odd though - for years, running around with an old metal SLR would lead people to say "He must be really broke! Digital is so cheap now!" Or "Can't you afford a smart phone?"

It's swung around now, to where an old-school camera is getting a "coolness" factor. And don't Fuji and Leica make digitals that have some of a classic rangefinder look?