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Stone, interesting how you claim that the 25 year old shots were fine. I wonder if they were overexposed from the onset. It really does not make sense but I am glad that you brought that monkey wrench into the equation. I have no direct answer for that but I continue to hold that very old latent images are prone to fading before they are developed. We'll see what others have to say.

I really see no validity to your admonition about Pan F's 'latent image death after three months'. Do others agree with this? -David Lyga
You made me go to the computer AND go through my old files haha, found the images scanned by the lab not me, so I can't be sure of their correct scanning, but the first two snow scenes were from the beginning of the roll from years ago, the last two were from the images I shot. Sorry for the content (nude) AND for how bad they are, I was just messing around and wasn't really trying to be professional, this was after coitus and then after a discussion about her taking a film class in highschool and remembering she had an old camera somewhere that I was excited to see, after discovering it still contained film I shot a few images, but didn't expect anything to come out since it had no light meter and the film was so ancient, so it was more out of her wanting to feel like a model than an actual shoot, excuses I know but wanted to qualify the images weren't at all real work I would be shooting that I would use per-se.

I've also attached snap shots of the "contact print" from the lab and a few negatives and examples of the prints, the cell phone pictures don't really show the green in the "black" areas as badly as it actually looks to my eye in the far away shots of the contact print so I did a close up of her head/hair you can see it better. I did this to show I'm not faking it just to be right.

Yes I have an open ended model release from that time period and I've shot with her since (she's the B&W antique bedroom model) just so no one gets mad at me for "exposing" someone without their approval. She kept the negatives/prints that were hers though, I only have the scans on a CD so I Can't compare, but I'm fairly certain they are exposed properly. You can see that the images I shot that didn't have FULL black, were only slightly green, where the images that had BLACK blacks were almost a blue green. But if you look at the negatives they seem to be fairly exposed properly enough that it's not some miss-exposure trick. I think that's all the info... let me know if I missed something or if you need more info.