It's as simple as it gets. There's no mechanical frame counter, so you put the spool in the feed chamber on the left, put the tab in the takeup spool, lift up the wind knob, and put the takeup spool in the chamber on the right. Take up the slack in the paper, close the back, and advance until you see a "1" in the red window. After you take a picture, advance to the next frame, so that you don't accidentally double expose.

If you find that the film is difficult to advance toward the end of the roll, open the back (when the film is done!) and look at where the feed spool contacts the back of the camera. Apply a little parrafin or candle wax to these two points every ten rolls or so, and the film should move smoothly.

Other things to notice--

Toward the back of the film door looking down at the top of the camera, there is a tab with a hole in it for a cable release.

On the front of the door there is a tab that pulls out so that you can set the camera flat on a table in the vertical position.