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Thanks for all the replies everyone.

But images 2 and 3 - I had trouble wrapping my mind around bromide drag "printing" such a sharp image. Got out the polaroid back and some FP3000.

That particular lens does indeed have shutter issues that will require hospitalization. Sticking open too long or staying open until the shutter is re-cocked. (Anyone know a good Mamiya repair guy??)

I get it that there's some 'anti-stand' sentiment amongst the purists, but trying all of these things teaches me monumentally more than reading about them. After shooting commercially for decades (primarily E6 and now digital) I'm still in pleasant shock regarding the possibilities of B&W negs & processing. (I came up as an art director with just high school photo classes and learned much of what I know on-set - started shooting in my garage to save $$ on my freelance work and within a few years had a studio and was shooting for national brands - never got the college-level photo education!) I told my wife last night, "Lighting and composition, yeah, I'm a 51 year old commercial shooter... E6, used to have a fairly encyclopedic knowledge of exposure and proofing - B&W and I'm 20 again". I always thought the "Zone System" had to do with football...

So, I'm trying to do this right, and focusing on the availability of a wide tonal range without relying on printing filters as a basis. This much new info should stave off alzheimer's for a couple years at least! And this forum's freakin' priceless. Thanks again.

(Now if i can just get that lens fixed... it paid a lot of rent in the 90's...)
Too bad you're in Dallas or I'd beg to be an assistant, I can't wrap my head around how to get commercial work... It's frustrating and inspiring all at once to hear a whirlwind success story like yours.