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I absolutely adore my Yashica Mat 124G. Perfect condition, lens sharp as hell, have almost every accessories for it..... but what would i not give for interchangeable backs and a f/ 2.8.

As a student I cant afford both and I was thinking of getting a Kiev88 and give up on my Yashica, but I dont even know how comfortable or well I would adapt to it...
The Yashica is a pleasure to use, and the images it produces are gorgeous and bokehlicious while razor sharp in the center. The Kiev I have no idea, but it would be nice to have backs for low/high speed B&W and color....

Any ideas or suggestions? What should I expect from the Kiev? does it really matter?

only buy keiv 88 if you are of a gambling nature and hope to lose. The Kiev 88 is a failed attempt by Soviet-era camera makers to duplicate a Hasselblad 1000, which is a camera Hassy couldn't make work right as evidenced by the fact that they abandoned it. Add in that famous Soviet quality (Soviet Kamera motto: Quality is Job Never!) and you've got a camera that could, within a month as the one I tried did, turn into a very expensive paperweight.

I did buy one, sent it back 3 times in a month and the third time I told them not to send it back. The mechanics were totally unreliable, the interior was not baffled and spewed light all over the place, it was junk. I've stuck with Rollei ever since, and yur yashica will be a good reliable tool.