hey stone

i haven't had film processed at walmart in over a year (i went with my daughter, 11 at the time to send out a roll of fuji to fuji)
it was when they still gave back the negatives ...
i used to go to sam's when there was one near me, it closed 2 years ago .. .
but 6months before they closed they stopped send out service.
fuji used to ( dwaynes ) process all my color and chromo b/w ...
they probably processed 200+ rolls of my color film, and movie footage.
i used to laugh when i got a note with the film " problem with your camera "

i get my coffee at amazon.com for drinking ( pump seiko espresso machine, or perk, or stovetop vacuum pot )
and locally i bought 75lbs for my film ... the world knows that target is cheaper to shop at than walmart,
and none of the "made in usa" stickers don't fall off ... why would i shop at wallys ?