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it has been interesting to see what people use ...

i held off as long as possible before i posted what i use to process the goods ...

once in a blue moon and for paid work i use ansco130 either 1:6 - 1:10 in a tray for sheets, shuffled for about 8.5 mins, or roll film

i process everything b/w whatever format, whatever asa all together ( even color if i shoot it )
stand developed for 25-30mins in sumatranol 130 ... its a strange brew of caffenol c ( home roasted coffee, not instant ) and about 1oz of ansco 130 / 1L
( i don't add the 130 every time, just when i originally mix the batch, which lasts for months without replenishment )
So you brew up a liter or so of Sumatra brew and then add in your other items such as the soda, ansco 130 and vitamin C? What strength do you brew the coffee at? Do you like yours weak or strong?