I need a relatively light and affordable travel tripod I can haul around to use with my Hasselblad while I'm backpacking. The tripod needs to be able to support the 500cm with 150mm Sonnar and prism, which weigh in at around 5 lbs. total. For instance I'm looking at the combo of a Manfrotto 190XDB and Mini Ball Head with RC2. That would weigh around 4.25 lbs. and carry up to about 8.5lbs. I was looking at some of the cheaper travel combos on Adorama, which are a good bit lighter at around 3 lbs., but the reports of bad construction and unstable ball heads scared me away from those. Carbon fiber is too expensive at this point. I don't need anything fancy. Just quality, stability, and pan/tilt at a minimum. Suggestions?