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you will need to devise a way that the paper is separated from the drain .. the paper is very limp and you stand the very real chance of destroying the print with the quick dump that you are thinking about.

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I may be fooling myself about that but I hope I can make it work. The tray would be on a tilt-table with very large/fast fill and dump valves with hoses... at least an inch in diameter. Chemicals would be on heavy-duty selves above the tray. Dumping would occur via a huge valve at the far end of the tray in a shallow sump area with a V-shaped wedge to help facilitate gathering of fluids at the dump valve. Chemicals will be saved in buckets to reuse. Rinse and wash water will go to the septic tank. Processing time will be fairly long to avoid unevenness and streaking. I'm thinking stainless steel is a must if I use the same tray for all chemicals.
True, that. I'm thinking of using a long dowel-shaped (cylinder) clamp on one side to pinch the paper, probably with a small paper fold at the end to make it thicker. This will help with paper handling and provide a way to hold it in position in the tray. The reason for the dowel shape is it'll allow me to roll the paper onto it for transport out of the wash.