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What if all a photographer intends to do is show a place (for example) as he sees it, and allow people to react (or not) in any way they see fit? Why does the photographer have to be "communicating" something specific through the photograph?

By virtue of our own unique personalities, any honestly made photograph automatically says something about how a photographer sees the world around him, be it subtly or obviously. Does there always have to be some message people are supposed to "get"?
I don't understand, you say that every photograph says something and then you turn around ask does there always have to be a message. It seems like you answered that one for yourself. There always is a message.

Showing people the world as you see it IS a message. You can't not communicate something, and trying not to is a message in itself. Therefore, I would say that good art is art that communicates a good message well, and bad art communicates poorly or communicates something wrong.