I'd say the first frame I posted, from the stand film, was bromide streaking - and this test was shot with a different lens (90).

My guess is the 2nd two, which were developed "normally" (11 and 15 minutes) were the shutter (a 180 which I hadn't used in a decade and is most decidedly messed up; just ordered another one from KEH). That lens was such a dependable favorite for so long, it took a while for me to consider that.

I've done several rolls of 35 with the same "semi" stand technique and no trouble though; I was impressed with how much separation it gave between the shadow tones; highlights were pretty flat and overall I felt it would have taken a pretty hard filter to print. I wasn't thrilled enough with it to keep playing with the process - but it was a really useful part of trying to build some "second nature" thinking about development and highlights.