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Yeah, most of my frustration is directed at myself. It's possible that I have a spare battery, but don't remember the safe place I tucked it away 3-5 years ago.
I bought 2 batteries, and am set now for quite awhile. The new spare is in the drawer we keep AA's and AAA's in. That was my husband's idea. I was trying to come up with a new "safe" place that I'd remember for years, as if my memory is likely to get any better.
This is exactly me.

And all the similarly named batteries (CR2, CR123, 2CR2, etc..) drives me nuts 'cause I never remember which I might need. I only have one camera that really needs one, at least.
At the lab, we needed some P&S digis to replace us having to draw pictures for our files and we chose a lesser camera because it took AAs.