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Aside from the finders, later ones have a plastic grip on the wind lever, which is a little nicer. Also as I recall, somewhere in the history they went to putting the manufacture year in the first two digit's of the S/N. Not sure if the switchover year is documented though.
The meter finders are a bit ungainly, but I'm not sure the "value" of the plain ones matches the reported cost.

If you run into a chrome one with a plain finder and a black name plate, made in circa 1970, it may have been stolen from a house in Thailand 40ish years ago
The ser. num./date thing is not strictly true for the F. At some later point in its production there was a rough correlation between the serial number and the date but I think it was almost circumstantial. I have a couple Fs I purchased new and as I recall the digits are a year off, but I can't right now recall in which direction.

The F2 does indeed use the method you describe.

Condolences for your loss in Thailand. Sometimes 40 years is not that long, is it.