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No, the OP has not erred with the 20 cm and to say it again clearly, it's NOT a parralax thing of the viewfinder but a distance metering thing of the rangefinder.

Anyway, so far obviously nobody knows how to fix that (calibrate the rangefinder) with household resources, so I stick with guessing the distance. But the real sense of a rangefinder is another one than guessing .....

Best - Reinhold
OP please correct me if I misunderstood you. I think that the OP meant that when the scale on the lens is set at 0.85 m then the film plane has to be 0.65 m from the subject for the rangefinder images to match. I found that this is true for my XA as well however it does not result in out of focus image because the lens is actually focus at 0.65 m only the scale on the lens is wrong. In fact you would be wrong by 20cm if you were to estimate or measure the distance with a ruler and set the lens using its scale.