Some of my all-time favorite shots were made with CR-200, and I always make sure I have some on hand. But it is certainly not for everyone. I would even go as far as to call the film bizarre. And if you ask me, it's stranger still that it's somehow managed to survive this long despite its strong yellow cast, highly visible grain, and unconventional polyester base. On top of that, the descriptions of the film by the vendors that sell it are erroneous at best.

We've discussed CR200 film at length here on APUG. AgX is the expert in Germany and BMbikerider has tweaked his own processing to rid the film of its yellow color.

Regarding professional E6 labs in California, I was devoted to A&I for years (terrible customer service, perfectly processed film), but when they stopped E6, I switched to Data-Chrome at Daniel Stone's recommendation. Their results are even better than A&I's, plus they are faster, more reasonably priced, and downright friendly to their customers!