Hi friends,

I am pretty much new here and this is my first post.Have recently got a bronica SQ AI with the 80mm , 50mm and the 200 mm lens set. After having picked up the medium format, I have hardly touched my Leica M2 as I am now so more interested in landscapes and the great viewfinder just makes the entire process so very magical.
But its heavy and I want something that I can shoot handheld and hence looking at the 6x45 as they are lighter than my 6x6.

Thinking of selling my Leica M2 and the voigtlander 40mm for a 645 medium format. But the questions is which one :-

1. Mamiya Pro TL or AFD.
2. Bronica ETRSI
3. Pentax 645 Nii.

Of all the ones mentioned, perhaps bronica will be the cheapest one but I am a little afraid with the light leaks on the backs as it has happened quite a few times for my camera.
I am all leaning towards the Pentax 645Nii but want to know your suggestion. Oh BTW, I dont do my developing and generally get it done by the awesome thedarkroom.com guys...

Please let me know your views on the same.