Thanks for taking the time and making the effort to gather the information. Very, very appreciated. I understand the current situation, TriX 320 in 8x10 is now only available by special order?

Not discontinued, but "harder" to purchase?

However, as is the case with TMax 400, perhaps B and H will continue to have the film available. As discussed, B and H must order film in very large quantities, and as has been pointed out, store such films for eventual sale. However, if the price at B and H is similar to that available by special purchase, then no obvious problem, correct? Why go to Keith if B and H has one's preferred Kodak 8x10 film at the same price? However, if B and H decides not to purchase in large amounts and store the film then all bets are off.

One must suspect that it is surely time to very seriously consider the alternatives, i.e., Ilford, Foma, or eventually, Adox CHS and Pan 400-all in 8x10 of course. Considerably less money, and readily available at almost any time from multiple sources.

I am accelerating my migration to Ilford HP5 and FP4. The difference in contact prints on Azo/Lodima using Amidol made from negatives between such Ilford films and Kodak's are, to my eyes, not different enough to merit the added stress of wondering about the availability of 8x10 sheets-and there is always the noted price difference. Naturally others will feel very much different.

Thankfully those friends who use 4x5 sheets are currently unaffected.