I did this once with E6 film, just as an experiment on a random roll of old film and my favorite developer, Rodinal. I like playing with different film and developer combinations, especially homemade developers. My testing is pretty unscientific, I mostly just try things and see what happens.

What I found with E6 slide film was that I would need to overexpose quite a bit - several stops? - to get a usable image; but I did get an image with a normal developing time (which of course, I failed to record, sorry). There was a yellow cast to the film. As for Kodachrome (K14 process film), I think there are a number of people using it as a black and whlte film (since it can't really be processed as color anymore). I am sure there are threads on APUG discussing this; I haven't tried it as I have no Kodachrome.

If you don't think you're going to use the film... I might be interested in some, what have you got?