In Canada, we drive a PT Cruiser, which has a lot of space to carry stuff, and being pretty experienced at this, have learned to pack efficiently. (We're house-sitters and travel around North America, Europe, the UK, etc, on a fairly regular basis). The idea of carrying an extra 1 litre bottle or two doesn't bother me, there's room for it. My first concern is making sure the film is processed and fixed properly, and washed correctly. It would be a luxury to use familiar materials, but the idea of mixing up powdered chemicals leaves me a little cold. For this trip, I'll happily settle for concentrates, some of which are probably just as good as D-76, anyway.
If, as Thomas says, HC-110 has the same characteristics and stores well, that's probably the answer. The best of both worlds, ease of portability and use, and the 'look' of the negatives I'm used to.