I find it refreshing that we do not need to be as concerned as we used to be, to specify quality as a blend of ideals of high resolution, maximum sharpness, minimum graininess. I had great fun experimenting with Dektol to achieve high graininess from Tri-X.

When I rode up with the kids Monday on the bus taking them to their week away from home, all the kids were outfitted by their parents with disposable cameras. The whole way up I could hear click, bzzzz... click, bzzzz as several kids had stuck the cameras to the windows and took pictures of the ocean, cows, horses and trees that whizzed by. I know the shots are going to be terrible quality. But I could tell each shot - at the moment of taking - was something they saw that seemed quite interesting at the time.

In a week or two when they get the pictures back, they probably will forget what the motivation was. They will likely throw out the blurry shots that they can't see anything in.

But those are the interesting shots that really deserve to be seen.