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Hi friends,

I am pretty much new here and this is my first post.Have recently got a bronica SQ AI with the 80mm , 50mm and the 200 mm lens set. After having picked up the medium format, I have hardly touched my Leica M2 as I am now so more interested in landscapes and the great viewfinder just makes the entire process so very magical.
But its heavy and I want something that I can shoot handheld and hence looking at the 6x45 as they are lighter than my 6x6.

Thinking of selling my Leica M2 and the voigtlander 40mm for a 645 medium format. But the questions is which one :-

1. Mamiya Pro TL or AFD.
2. Bronica ETRSI
3. Pentax 645 Nii.

Of all the ones mentioned, perhaps bronica will be the cheapest one but I am a little afraid with the light leaks on the backs as it has happened quite a few times for my camera.
I am all leaning towards the Pentax 645Nii but want to know your suggestion. Oh BTW, I dont do my developing and generally get it done by the awesome thedarkroom.com guys...

Please let me know your views on the same.
If handheld is your only concern, then I would suggest you take a serious look at the Pentax 67 II as well. The Pentax is great for handholding, even if it is heavy. The handling is like an SLR, and the prism finder is easier to focus with than most MF cameras. I have a Mamiya AFD II system as well. It is excellent for most purposes, but I have two gripes about it. The first is that the light meter is not reliable at low light levels, i.e. for dusk seascapes and such. This may be only my copy, though. The other is that it is not in the same league of ruggedness as the Pentax. I do handprints up to 6x4.5, sometimes 6x6, but that is where my enlarger maxes out. To be very honest, the scans from 6x7 have a lot more detail because of the increased frame size. So my tendency is now to use the 6x7 for photos I want to scan (i.e. colour) and the 645 for black and white film to be printed. Occasionally I shoot slide film in the 645, though, and black and white in the Pentax. The lenses on both systems are really good, on the Pentax perhaps even slightly more so. They are certainly good enough for what mere mortals may want to do with them.