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It seems that some people prefer the Nikon RF's over the Leica M's but not many prefer Canon RF's over Leica M's.
First you need to ignore web gossip.
Then you need to inspect the camera you are going to buy.
The S2 has a rotating shutter speed dial that some people cannot avoid snagging and ruining the best frame.
The Nikons have a slow mount as slow as the Canon P LTM screw, for other then 5cm internal lenses.
None of my M or Ps have a low contrast rangefinder patch, but you need to inspect cause many Ms do have low to no contrast, not seen a low contrast P yet, the M finder can be rebuilt by specialist specialist repair person, dont know of anyone who does Canon Ps... there may not be a market?
Not seen a Nikon S2 or S3 with patch problems either.
But the cheap rfdrs on ebay may all be faint subjective things you need to look at.
Lotsa people dont like the Canon P rangefinder spot, they prefer the M style, but If you e.g. have been brought up on canonets then the P is second nature, so it is subjective.
A canon P is easier to focus in poor light then a M2 about the same as a M3.
Some people cannot abide the Nikon focus wheel, they grab the lens instead.
The LTM lens choice is wider you can even get Nikon LTM lenses.

My call would be is it is subjective choice an M. P or S2 in good condition, should have a rfdr that easy to use, go to big city inspect carefully in brick camera shop...