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Do you guys go back in forth in regards to shoot a particular format, regardless of camera?
When I shoot film, I have definite format preferences.

Close-ups usually small format or medium format; rarely large format

Macro small format is my only choice because I do not have macro equipment in any other format

Portraits medium format is my first choice; small format is my second; never used large format because equipment and film cost was prohibitive for me

Black & White Images medium format or large format because I have never been satisfied with small format B&W images

Sports/Action usually small format; for night or indoor events I prefer medium format if I need to sync a flash at shutter speeds faster than my small format camera will sync

Architecture large format if I need image detail, perspective control, and depth-of-field control; medium format if I only need image detail; small format if only need an image

Travel small format first choice due to size and weight constraints; medium format second choice if landscapes and scenic shots are the primary subjects

Candid small format rangefinder first choice due to small size and quiet operation; small format SLR second choice; second choice is medium format TLR for its quiet operation and waist-level viewfinder

Hand-Held Available Light small format camera with fast lens is my only choice