You don't give a budget, but I would go for a Voigtlander. I own a Bessa R2 and love it. I've handled an R in the shop before buying the R2 but I haven't seen the latest R2A & R3A. The R felt OK but was a bit plasticky over the R2. As for lenses, again I would go for Voigtlander as they provide very good value for money. I've got the 35mm f/2.5 Classic, it's excellent -- light, small, very sharp and reasonably priced. As far as wider lenses, the 21mm and 15mm have excellent reviews, but if you don't want to go that wide then don't forget the 25mm, again it's reasonably cheap and good quality. It's not rangefinder coupled, but you won't need it as the depth of field is enormous.

Robert White is the best place to buy new here in the UK. Remember to mention APUG if you phone or click through on the advert here on APUG! If your budget won't stretch to new but you want the guarantee of a dealer then take a look at FFordes at www.ffordes.co.uk. They have quite a few 2nd hand Voigtlander bodies and lenses. I've brought a number things through them and they've been very reliable.