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As I mentioned in a thread last week I bought an old Argus 75 that had an undeveloped roll of film in it. I developed the film and found 5 decent images which appear to be from a Family trip in mid to late 60's or 70's. The question is this. I'd like to post them (on apug, facebook, etc) to show what I managed to get out of the old film. Since four of the images have people in them is there any potential issues with posting them? (I will make it clear I *didn't* take the images, they were "found" in a camera I purchased.)

What are the odds that someone would stumble over the scans you've published? And if that for some quantum mechanics reason happens, they probably instead will become curious on how the images showed up like that from nowhere. Publish, and put a disclaimer with "If you are one of the persons in these pictures, please contact me!", and if someone contacts you, you tell them the story and offer them a free print etc.