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Oh, I have the Mamiya 7 II so I would pay Mamiya to design a Mamiya 7 III that would have these features.

Non-electronic Mechanical shutter with Bulb and Time features for long exposures (since my battery keeps dying on night shoots in the cold when I'm doing 20+ minute exposures... So frustrating you have no idea!

And a variable frame size feature to also shoot 6x6 and 6x7 and switch between them mid roll.

AND/OR make it so the back is detachable like the RZ system so I can switch films mid roll but thin like the 23 and universal press systems. To keep the profile similar. And add frame lines for the additional zoom and wide lenses so no need for a viewfinder.

Man I'm demanding!

Lets throw TTL in there even though I use a handheld meter lol

Better camera lock position (so you don't go to lock the camera and accidentally shoot a frame instead...Doh!), lens cap on warning system...

That's it for now...

I still love the Mamiya 7 system best and use it most often, just that I'm a perfectionist


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oh god, that's awfully too much for poor Mam!
[OT] Since you seem to be quiete skilled in the matter, what about the Bronica 6*7 cameras? They seem to be quiete tempting...