Processing success tonight! The gel backing on 2405 makes it impossible to load onto a spiral in a dark bag because the heat+sweat makes it stick to the spiral and even itself (emulsion to film-back). In the darkroom though with a freshly-hairdryered Jobo spiral, it loads nicely.

I discovered that my cassettes do not leak light at all, so loading the back in daylight is fine.

I tried a technique I saw mentioned in another 70mm thread wherein you score the film (through the gate of the back) to mark the boundary between developing batches/rolls, then cut the film at that point when loading the spirals. In theory that means you can process three or four rolls of up to 20 frames each in 220 spirals while wasting only a frame per roll boundary instead of the six or so frames wasted by opening the back, cutting the film and inserting a new takeup cassette. However, I couldn't feel the scratches in the dark, mostly because I tend to avoid touching the emulsion side. Maybe one needs to be more violent to the sacrificial frame, I don't know and I don't want to commit a violence on the pressure-plate.

Anyway, 2405 works reasonably well in Xtol 1+1 rotary: 8:00 for EI200, 9:00 for EI400. Those times are the only tests I've done and I've not done any sensitometry on the film, just had a look at how it came out. Will post images later this week once scanned.

Now of course I find that it doesn't fit in my 6x7 enlarger carrier or my Nikon 8000, but I do have about 3000' of 70mm sleeving on a roll that I scored for $20 a couple years ago...