There are three very special art museums in the same area. The Phila. Museum of Art has a great collection of photos in their print dept. Contact them in advance of your trip, and you probably can see some stuff that is not currently on display. Years ago, my sister worked there, and I got to spend a few hours with some Weston and Adams prints- bare naked, as it were. Your show at the premier art college in the area should give you some 'gallery cred'.
Second is the Rodin Museum, a collection second only to the one in Paris. Say no more.
Third is a new museum right by the Rodin, named for some rich collector(Barnes??) which has just been relocated to the museum district in the last year or so- haven't got there yet. You might check with David Lyga here, as he lives close by the Parkway, as it's called. I'm sure he'd love to see your show, and few people get around better on public transport.
Have fun, and eat a lot of obscure ethnic foods. David