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Hi Zhenya,
Well, we discovered a few other problems before the repair shop. I put new batteries in, and the newly discovered action was that the camera would lockup all over the place. The shutter, would on auto, would randomnly chose a shutter speed from 30 seconds on up! On manual, it would lock up randonly also. After this incident and much consultation, it was decided it was not economical to repair. So now I am to look into another OM4 or OM4T so I can get my OM1 back from the missus
Are you sure the correct batteries were installed, and that they were fresh, i.e., not subject to long shelf storage? The correct batteries for the OM4-T are SR44W and equivalent, including the now-discontinued Energizer 357. Alkaline or other types of "compatible" batteries can cause the type of behaviour you mention.

FWIW, I would send the the camera to John at Camtech and get an estimate as well as a price for selling the body to John as a parts camera. John buys OM bodies for spares/parts, and he is a fair person, in my experience.