A salt print has an excess of Silver, but a true modern emulsion has an excess of salt (within reason). The emulsion you show, if used with NaCl (Sodium Chloride), will make an emulsion that is primarily sensitive to UV with some visible light sensitivity. It will be similar to Azo paper. It will be about 5 stops slower than a modern enlarging emulsion. It will develop nicely with either Dektol or an Amidol developer.

If made, the coating should be carried out in about 5 - 10% gelatin with a surfactant and a hardener. The emulsion should keep for 6+ months in a refrigerator, and the coatings should keep for at least one year.

Not all of the emulsions in that book have been tested, but I do recommend it. It is a very good introductory book on the subject.