I went back to college (Non traditional student) to a tech college with an absolutely amazing photography program, along with a state of the art (New in '03) lab with B&W, large format and color facilities. My only problem is, I graduate in May and I'm off to finish my BA at a college with no darkroom access for the program I'm entering.

I have come to realize, during my time back in school, that I am at heart a very analog photographer. I really don't see myself giving up Tri-X and HP5 or my film gear (35mm to 4X5) for digital anytime soon. So I'm in the process of once again setting up my improvised darkroom.

I found my Omega B-66 from I collected 15+ years ago, and one timer I bought at a flea market, found my ancient Kodak safelight. My trays, and I fear my good timer vanished just after my developer ate through the re-purposed bottle I was using and damaged my parents bathroom floor....and some downstairs walls. I think those are a decade+ deep in a landfill somewhere. Dad was not pleased.

It was a pretty primitive setup, back in the day, two horrid lenses epoxied into home made lens holders by the Omega's previous owner. the longer of which is missing, along with the 120 negative carrier.

I might have a chance to get an ancient Omega from the school (it was a donation) that can handle 4X5, it's either a DII or an early D2. The flower of 40's technology, but if I want to print from 4X5 I'll have to make it work.