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Indeed, and Jnanian states, based on personal experience, that bore is one motivation for these choices, and we have in this discussion reasoned around the idea that another motivation can have something to do with reactions on perfection, and based on how I interpret your thoughts around this you seem to be thinking in this direction too. Then you brought up another interesting point concerning portrait photography, which was then extracted to pictorialism and f64 which in a way confirms this reasoning, so all of the above sounds like a reasonable conclusion of the discussion so far.
its easy to generalize and say one size fits all.
its obvious to me that everyone who picks up a camera has different reasons for doing it.
in addition to boredom, i find images with blur and grainyness and distress to be more interesting
more challenging to do than "straight" photography ..

after viewing your work ( your signature ), why do you chose to shoot in such a rigid sort of way ?