Congrats on your current endeavors! I don't have anything against digital imaging per se, and I know some photographers like it because it "frees them from the drudgery of darkroom work". I like working in a wet darkroom, it's relaxing (well most of the time). I have been using Omega enlargers for about 40 years, starting with a model B-3. I still have it in the attic with rotted out bellows. I've used other enlargers over the years, but finally settled on a pair of Omegas. A B-8 with an Omega "flying saucer" cold light head, and a D-2 with both the cold light head and condenser heads. I leave the condenser head on the D-2 almost all the time, as I can print everything from 35mm to 4x5 with it, using the smaller condenser sets. I really like using the B-8 with the cold light head though, depending on the type of negative I'm working with, and it prints up to 6x9.
As with most things, it's what you get used to and what works best for you.
But I will admit that I still own a Beseler 23c II that's in storage. It is easier to use in some ways, and there is plenty of used equipment out there that's easier to find than some of the Omega stuff. But I just can't pry myself away from the old B-8 with the cold light.
Good luck with the darkroom and enjoy yourself!