Bill, thank you. You are right, I am trying to climb a rock possibly the sharpest edge... but I learned a few things from your answers. I guess what I was trying to do is jam up all the zones into one frame. My original idea has to do with trying to determine my n+1, n+2, n-1 etc times by jamming all the 11 zones into one frame and develop separetely (kind of more efficient). I dont have a densitometer or cannot spend too much film, paper, chemicals. thats why I came up with this idea. I figured if I would be able to jam all the zones into one frame, I would only have to shoot a few ones and I could reuse the chemicals since I am only developing one frame.
Any ideas , if I buy a transmission stepwedge, how do I shoot that ? by transmitted light ? by the way I am using 35mm film.