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Bill, thank you. You are right, I am trying to climb a rock possibly the sharpest edge... but I learned a few things from your answers. I guess what I was trying to do is jam up all the zones into one frame. My original idea has to do with trying to determine my n+1, n+2, n-1 etc times by jamming all the 11 zones into one frame and develop separetely (kind of more efficient). I dont have a densitometer or cannot spend too much film, paper, chemicals. thats why I came up with this idea. I figured if I would be able to jam all the zones into one frame, I would only have to shoot a few ones and I could reuse the chemicals since I am only developing one frame.
Any ideas , if I buy a transmission stepwedge, how do I shoot that ? by transmitted light ? by the way I am using 35mm film.
You could go ahead with your plan to create a printout with about 5 stops difference from dark gray to light gray, and then shoot two shots of this "short" grayscale at different f/stops to cover appropriate exposure sets. (Like Meter and Expose for the darkest gray to be Zone V, then you can get Zone VI, VII, VIII and IX... Meter and Expose lightest gray to be Zone V and get backwards Zone IV, III, II and I).

With a transmission stepwedge, there is a 4x5 sheet that you can tape to glass and light up from behind. Or you can get the 1/2 inch strip and lay it in contact with a strip of film pulled out in the darkroom under your enlarger for about a 1 second exposure.