I have three Graflex Grafmatics for sale. They are in very good user condition all work smoothly as they were intended with six good, straight septum's. I have six, but have decided to sell three to help fund another project. I am probably going to kick myself in the future as they are really handy. I used them almost exclusively for color negative film, but obviously they can be used for other films as well. I could envision each one being used for a different developing regime with the zone system and B&W film. Two have the counter wheel that imprints a number on the negative and one does not. Frankly I didn't like the number on the negative and removed several wheels (not a hard job). If the lack of a counter wheel is a deal breaker, I have one that I am keeping that has the wheel and could substitute.

I would like to get $85 ea plus shipping. They should just fit into a small Priority Flat Rate box, so about $6.50 for shipping

IMG_1387.jpg IMG_1389.jpg IMG_1391.jpg