I've posted a couple of threads about this camera over the past few months.

I'm not prepared to badmouth the repairer - yet - as I'd like to send it back one last time. I'm not getting my hopes up.
It's been sent to them three times for the same issue and each time I was told "it was fine when it left us". The problem is a sticky shutter btw.

It's partially fixed; the shutter now only sticks between 15th and 60th, so I'm getting away with most landscape work at slower speeds. Portraiture is (literally) a shot in the dark.
I do have to wonder why they keep sending it back when the problem remains. What are they gaining when they know I have no choice but to send it back? Wasting my time & postage money and their own?
There aren't any other options that I'm aware of for Pentax repairs - these guys have all the parts available.

Just to sum up the problem; the shutter dial isn't locking properly on 15/30/60/Bulb speed settings. When I nudge the dial, the shutter drops.

What can I do with this camera? I know I'll be cautioned against having a look inside the body myself, but I'm weary about sending it off to hear the same thing - and potentially unnecessary labour costs.
I don't like the idea of selling it on for spares either, since it works under 60% of circumstances.